Deepen the practice you already love and acquire the building blocks to become a yoga teacher with Pure Synergy’s 200-Hour Advanced Yoga Certification.

Why choose Pure Synergy for your Yoga Studies?

  • Non-affiliate program. Learn to create a class, not just teach someone else’s.

  • Non-traditional while still respecting the history of yoga.

  • Non-intimidating atmosphere. Join our community of authentic humans.


it’s about so much more than just stretching

This isn’t a Fitness Certification. yoga training is LIFE CHANGING!

Here’s how you will grow…



Build onto your current practice by getting in dept on postures and alignment. Breathing techniques, Meditation, Intro to Yogic Philosophy

Mind & Spirit

Expand your knowledge and grow personally. Chakras & Energy healing, Mudras & Bandhas, Mantras & Sound

Teach Others

Learn to teach with adjustments, sequencing and modifications, as well as effective communication skills and ethics.


Advanced Yoga Studies & Teacher Training with


This program is about so much more than preparing yoga teachers!

It's about deepening your yoga practice, gaining knowledge and understanding about your mind, body & spirit, finding balance, and loving yourself.

Why Purple Lotus Yoga for Teacher Training at Pure Synergy?

As Westerns, we think of yoga in the physical sense, as exercise, but it is so much more. After my studies at teacher training I almost felt cheated for all the years of being so uneducated to the true power of yoga. Besides the physical benefits, yoga has lasting physiological and neurological effects, helps with breathing, is treatment for numerous diseases, health and mental conditions and so much more.

I chose Purple Lotus Yoga for my training, as well as to bring to Pure Synergy, for very specific reasons.

  • Non-Traditional - I was looking for something a bit less traditional, but that still respected the cultural of yoga - I mix up all my sanskrit, I don't chant, I am Christian and if you've taken my classes I DON'T have a sweet yoga voice. I'm from Texas y'all!

  • No Studio Affiliation - I didn't want someone to expect me to teach at their studio and I certainly didn't want to only learn about the classes they teach.

  • Real - I wanted to really learn and be around a group of people with the same mindset. This wasn't about impressing anyone or who's yoga pants were more expensive. Real People. Real Training.

Yoga Advanced Studies and Teacher Training is so much more than teaching. It opens your heart and mind to more than you will ever think you are capable of.

From Robyn Arbogast

Pure Synergy founder

register for our program and you’ll receive these bonuses

more classes, more opportunities

We want to give you all we have


group classes

You must keep your own practice. To keep you motivated, all students will receive a free membership to Pure Synergy during their training.

basic Crystals

Learn how to bring crystals in your personal life, as well as your class. This workshop focuses on the big 10 crystals and how to use them.

essential oils

Heal with the natural power of plants. In this workshop, we will discuss the top oils, how to use them and safety precautions.


Learn how to manifest the life you want and the steps to building your own personal path as well as growing as a successful yoga instructor.

Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. - Phillip Sweet

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Training Schedules

Summer session

Saturdays & Sundays

June 22 | 23

July 13 | 14
July 27 | 28

August 3 | 4


fall session

Friday Daytime

September 6 | 13 | 20 | 27

October 4 | 11 | 18 | 25

November 1 | 8 | 15 | 22


winter session

Tuesday & Thursday Evening

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Yoga Teacher
Training Graduates

Our first batch of yoga teachers finished their certification in July of 2018!
Each of these amazing yogis have brought their own light into Pure Synergy and continue to live yoga on and off the mat.



Investment & Fine Print

You aren't just paying for classes, you're investing in yourself.

  • A non-refundable deposit is required and does not apply toward the total tuition listed above. Deposit covers administrative fees.

  • Registration and deposit must be received to be considered enrolled in training.

  • Payment must be received before the start of training weekends.

  • Approximate cost for the four books is $100. These are great additions for your personal and professional yoga library. You can find required reading here

  • Participants will receive a student membership to Pure Synergy during their training.

You’ll gain the appropriate skills AND eliminate the self-doubts that keep you from being the GREATEST teacher you’re supposed to be.