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We offer services rooted in ancient healing techniques from around the world. From Bodywork to Energy Healing, we’ve got you covered!

Our services are results-oriented, whether you’re here to relax or recover your range of motion post-op, each of our experienced service providers are here to help YOU achieve your goal.


body & energy work services

What do i wear?

We always want you comfortable. Massage & Cupping are services that clients disrobe in to their comfort level. Thai & Reiki are clothed services - please wear comfortable clothing.

What forms of massage does ps offer?

Every massage is customized to meet the client’s current needs, whether you need to relax or sport’s therapy.
Add-Ons are available to enhance the massage and are bookable at the time of service (with the exception of hot stones which requires prior notice for preparation).

Do you allow tipping?

Gratuity is always appreciated, but never required.

will my massage hurt?

You may experience some discomfort or sensitivity during your service. This is normal! If at any time you feel the need to hold your breath or sharp pains, your therapist should be notified immediately. It is always a great idea to drink plenty of water and soak in an Epsom salt bath after your massage to help relieve any post-massage soreness.

will i bruise with cupping?

Cupping Therapy can leave marks on the body due to suction. Rest assured, these are not bruises because no trauma has been caused to the tissue.Your suction marks will subside within a few days.

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