What Self Care Means to Us!


Lindsey Stallcup - Yoga Instructor

Self care to me means shutting off my brain and focusing on my body for a few hours. I like to run, weight lift, do yoga, aerial arts, walk my dog(s), really any activity to get me moving. It allows me to take the time to listen to my body and give it what it needs, which actually helps my mental health. If I can give my body, my center, my vessel care and love, that’s one less thing I have to worry about going along in my daily life.

Roger Hoverson - Pilates Instructor

An important aspect of self care is learning to say no to spending your energy on things that do not serve you.

Tiffany Kelly - Massage Therapist

As a mom of a teenager and a child with some special accommodations; stress, worry and erratic sleep can build havoc on my day. So to combat this I definitely need self care. For me sleeping (taking naps on days off) helps me keep my immune system up and helps me combat times of late night interruptions; much like having to get up with an infant multiple times a night. Sometimes our lives don’t fit into societies traditional day. I use to feel guilty about it and worry people would think I was lazy. But I have learned to listen to my body and replenish my sleep so that I can be the best mom, wife and me to tackle on another Day (or night)!

Rachel Swan - Yoga Instuctor

My favorite forms of self care: Time alone. Time to roam, Time to think. Unspent time. Besides that, self care usually comes in two forms, being outdoors and a very regular yoga practice. It’s simple. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. Time. Nature. Movement.

Mere Green - Yoga Instructor

Beside the obvious of eating right, getting enough sleep and exercise, and speaking kindly to yourself! (What kind of chatter is going on in that head of yours?)
It also means just taking a few extra moments to adjust. This month’s puppy yoga pose (Instagram fun) was revolved triangle. A pose i always need to adjust my hip back creating more space and length for my torso.

It reminded me of self care. Adjust in a pose to make it right for your body, adjust before you make a quick response, adjust before you snap judgement. In other words Pause - check out the ‘alignment’. Take your time and breath your way to a better understanding, deeper level of patience, better perspective. The more you do this on the mat the easier it will come to you off the mat.

Take pause - make a shift - find more space to grow! Self care that helps not only yourself but those around you ❤️

Penny Moss - Massage Therapist

When asked about self care, I take the approach that surrounds rest and relaxation. All the busy that transpires in a given day can leave anyone exhausted. For me it is important (or more necessary) to allow myself to nap. Secondly, I take moments to clear my mind (I call them mini breaks). I can get caught up in solving the world's problems to the point I tense up, so just stopping and deep breathing for one minute calms me. And last, I plan a bath with Epsom salt each week to sooth my tired muscles.