YTT Graduate Spotlight: Lindsey!

Hello! I’m Lindsey. I’m 24 years old living in North Texas. I have a Bachelors of Kinesiology from the University of North Texas and currently attending NCTC to become a Registered Nurse. I was a personal trainer and that sparked a desire to work with people on their wellness goals. I have a passion for movement and love taking dance workshops or aerial art classes when I can. I’m the owner of two beautiful mutt puppies who love to hunt squirrels and snuggle.



Tell me about your yoga practice!

My practice is always changing and challenging. I started out in a traditional flow class but now I have tried every type of class including aerial yoga, hot yoga, and yin. Once I gained solid grounding in my own practice, I started to expand what my comfort zone really was.



How long have you been practicing yoga?

My yogi journey started about 7 years ago when I was 18 in a gym yoga class and grew from there.



Why did you decide it was time to take YTT?

I had recently received my bachelors in kinesiology and loved sharing my new knowledge about the body and movement. Jessie, pure synergy’s office manager, really encouraged me to take the next step and teach yoga.



Tell me about your teaching style!

My yoga style is a mix of everything from a traditional flow to gentle stretching but is ultimately about body awareness. I feel like if you know your body and what it’s asking/ telling, your mind and spirit will follow. You’ll slowly start listening to your whole being rather than parts to a whole. I like to empathize saying muscles and anatomy terms in my classes to further that body connection.



What have you been doing since YTT?

Teaching weekly classes at Pure Synergy along with attending Nursing school!