Bathe Away Your Stress

My favorite way to combat the stress or anxiety is to make a warm, calming, and gently detoxifying bath – paired with a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine.

Bath time is “me time”, where you can be free of distractions, create a peaceful ambiance, and feel stress wash away. Some of my all time favorite bath-time ingredients are incredibly easy to obtain, and they can be combined differently for restful sleep, detox after a stressful day at work, or just to please the senses.

My favorite easy bath recipe for restful sleep:

Lavender essential oil: 10 drops

Roman chamomile oil: 5-6 drops

Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse bath crystals) and/or Sea Salt: a handful

Lavender buds: a handful (optional but they also make the bath pretty)

Jojoba oil: 1 TBSP

Add the ingredients as you run the bath water and mix well; rest blissfully for 30-40 min. Lavender helps sleep as an analgesic and antidepressant. Roman chamomile eases tension and frustration. Sea salts help to relieve fatigue. Himalayan Salts add essential trace minerals back into your skin and body.

Another favorite recipe for removing stress after a hectic day at work:

Rose essential oil: 10 drops

Frankincense essential oil: 10 drops

Coconut oil: 2 TBSP

Sea Salt: a handful

Mix all of the ingredients into the running bath water and relax for a half hour, listening to a cheery tune or your favorite invigorating music.

The floral aroma of rose oil is so uplifting and enchanting. Frankincense is warm and inviting, helping to let go of the stresses from work. Coconut oil not only helps to carry the oils, but is delightful for your skin. The combination of coconut oil and sea salt works so well together to relieve physical fatigue.

For added ambiance, light a lot of candles with various colors, shapes and sizes, toss some cut flowers or fake flower tops into the bath for visual appeal, and add a bath bomb or a foaming bubble bath, such as Dr Teal's liquid bath foaming Epsom salts and oils which is available at your local Kroger or Walgreen’s.

Allow yourself that quality “me time” that we all need and bathe your stress away this holiday!

By Kristen Helpert, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner