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New client pricing

30 Days of Unlimited Classes $30

Class prices

Drop in Class $15
Unlimited Month (not a membership) $100
4 Class Pass (expires in 30 days) $55
8 Class Pass (expires in 60 days) $115
12 Class Pass (expires in 90 days) $160

Membership Options available

Unlimited Studio Membership $85 Every 1 Month
Unlimited Studio Membership (Spouse) $60 Every 1 Month
Hero Unlimited Studio Membership $65 Every 1 Month
All 5’s Membership $55 Every 1 Month
(5 Classes/Month + Additional Classes at $5/class)




Our focus is meeting you where you are. Our classes are alignment based and small, perfect for learning, not just trying to follow along.


Combine deep, yin-style stretches with centering and relaxation for the perfect slow, soothing combination most bodies are in desperate need of. Style of Yoga: Restorative


Chair yoga is perfect for those that prefer a chair (rather than the floor) as their main seat and feature modifications for every-body. Join us to improve flexibility and muscle tone as your body, mind, and spirit work together. Style of Yoga: Accessible Hatha

Align & Flow YOGa

This active workshop-style class focuses on stability to mobility. Learning correct alignment will help us understand each pose, why we practice it, and how to flow. Style of Yoga: Hatha + Vinyasa Fusion

Yin Yoga

In this gentle and profoundly relaxing class, we will explore holding passive “yin” postures for optimal amounts of time with props for comfortable support. Longer, static holds enable us to access deep yin tissue health – fascia and connective tissue. Our bodies need a combination of yang (active life & classes) and yin (deep & slow stretching) to keep our joints healthy. Style of Yoga: Yin


This class is all about mindful movements and is suitable for all levels. Starting off with a slow sequence and building gently to a peak pose; this class will include breath work, gentle flowing movements, and supported poses. It is the in between of keeping active while still maintaining that peaceful and enjoyable approach to yoga. Style of Yoga: Hatha + Vinyasa Fusion


Build strength for students of all ages and ability levels using various poses and props. Come to class ready to move, and leave class feeling stronger and invigorated! Style of Yoga: Hatha + Vinyasa Fusion


Mat Pilates is the perfect addition to any your yoga practice. This is a conditioning fitness class that focuses on body alignment and breathing. The exercises cover all core powerhouse muscle groups: abs, lower back, shoulders, thighs and glutes.

Kundalini Yoga

Known as the Yoga of Awareness; its focus is on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. The classes are comprised of a breath work, a light exercise series, a Kundalini Meditation (using sound, mantra, energy healing, exercises and meditations to release trauma from the energetic body), connecting you inward and then a relaxation period using singing bowls to allow your body to integrate the Kundalini energy. All are welcome and encouraged to join!