Ashley smarowsky

connecting with spirit to bring forward love, healing and guidance


Ashley is a Spiritual Medium whose goal is to bring healing to each and every one of her clients. She has been communicating with Spirit since early childhood and takes pride in her gift. Everything that she does, comes from a place of love, she sets positive intentions and has a way of making you feel relaxed and comfortable. When she connects to Spirit, she is able to bring forward the most healing, validating and loving messages from your loved ones and/or Spirit Guides. In a session with Ashley you can expect to hear validations from your loved ones, which can anything that lets us know who we are speaking with. It could be a name, date, the way they passed, shared memories etc. You will also receive messages and guidance. The hope is that after a reading, you will experience healing and feel reassured that your loved ones are still with you. You do not need to bring anything with you to your session except an open mind and open heart

Personal Readings

During your session Ashley will connect with spirit to bring forward validations and messages of love, healing and guidance. You are welcome to bring a photo of any loved one(s) you are hoping to connect with although they are not needed in order to connect with spirit.

30 Minute Session - $100
1 Hour Session - $150




Group Readings

This is a great option for groups of 4-10 people! In a small group reading each person will receive a message from a loved one, validations and anything else spirit chooses to talk about. Depending on your location, you can come to Ashley or she may be able to come to you. A group session will last around 2 hours.

Small Group 4-10 guests - $75/each

Ask me about groups with 11+ guests

This is a fun option for larger events, parties, gatherings etc. Large Groups consist of 11+ people. In a large group Ashley can not guarantee that everyone will be read individually however her goal is that everyone will leave the session feeling connected to their loved ones in one way or another. Large group readings generally last 2-3 hours.


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