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Crystal Healing Workshop (kid friendly)

Crystals have been used for centuries for more than just eye candy! They have been used to promote positive energy, create positive change in the physical body as well as in the emotional body.

During this hour and a half class, you will learn the basics of how to use crystals to assist in your everyday wellness. We will explore why and how they work and how to incorporate these tools into your daily life for your wellbeing.


Hi there! I’m Audrey Christie! I’m a holistic wellness with functional medicine + energetic medicine approach to wellness. My processes are simple and get to the root cause using a holistic approach that includes the body, mind, and spirit.

My background and training includes several body and energy modalities, including Masters of Science in Nursing with a minor in Education, Registered Nurse, Medical Intuitive, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, Ripple Magic Facilitator, Certified Clinical Master of Aromatherapy, Certified Crystal Healer, Yoga Teacher, certification in Homeopathics, energy medicine, Ayurveda, Epigenetics, nutrition, and many other healing modalities.