Pure Synergy Wellness Studio


Sangeeta Pathak

Yoga has been a part of Sangeeta’s life for over 20 years starting off in India in a Yoga Teacher training in her early 20’s. Immediately after, her father became her first student recovering from a heart attack he had at the age of 49!

20 years, 2 countries, 2 careers, 2 children and 1 husband later; Yoga has been the constant force in her life that has kept her balanced. Her love for dancing (Indian classical and Bollywood) & working as a Handwriting Specialist keeps her happy!

In classes, she loves to teach the harmonizing benefits ofyoga through this practice of stretching and strengthening, breath work, relaxation, and a dose of inspiration to help deepen the practice making asana safe and approachable and exciting for the beginner to the advanced practitioner. In addition to asana, Sangeeta incorporates the Energy Body, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy into her classes for a holistic yoga experience.

She combines her years of corporate experience, as well as training from both India and the US to bring a unique perspective of traditional yoga to our modern lives. She seeks to help others balance and discover their most authentic life by nurturing body, mind and soul through yoga.