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Essential Oil Spotlight: Sweet Orange

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Our daily journey may often bring a heavy loaded work schedule, an overabundance of school studies, or an over extending of our physical self. Each new day also brings unexpected weather conditions, unwanted illness and weakened immune systems. While we all desire to start each day fresh and new with out worry or stress, it is possible that we simply can’t do it all.  Likely, we wake up and embark on a journey to bring some sort of balance back into all things that we are juggling only to find we are exhausted. I can openly say I am in this boat. It is my plan this year to share my knowledge of essential oils in hope to enlighten mind, body and spirit in each of us.  So, it is with the thought of balance I start by highlighting the essential oil Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis) as the first in a monthly series on essential oils.

The name “Orange” comes from the Sanskrit language. Based on the etymology of the word “Naranga (Orange)” it is most likely that the fruit name was derived from the fruit’s location (Persia) rather than its color. Thanks to Portuguese explorers the orange was brought to Europe in 1520 from its origin of Asia. Christopher Columbus introduced the “Portugal Orange” to the New World.

This gift from nature is a citrus genus from the Rufaceae tree family, a flowering evergreen tree known most obviously for the succulent fruit.  All citrus fruits (ie: lemon, lime, and grapefruit) are among this botanical tree family. Interestingly, the Sweet Orange essential oil is cold pressed from the rind (peel) of the fruit rather than from the juicy mesocarp center of the fruit. The Sweet Orange tree is a smaller tree yielding a larger fruit than the Bitter Orange tree.

Sweet Orange essential oil is similar to Bitter Orange essential oil and used in much the same way however it is not photo-toxic (not sun sensitive) thus making Sweet Orange the better choice for your essential oil line up. This pleasant scented oil is used in Aromatherapy and other herbal or holistic medicine practices for the following properties:

Anti-depressant (reduces anxiety)

Sedative (fights off pain)

Anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling)

Antispasmodic (calms muscle spasms)

Carminative (relieves excess gas)

Diuretic (encourages detoxification)

Antiseptic (inhibits microbial growth)

Cholagogue (improves digestion)

Aphrodisiac (mild mood stimulator)

Immune booster (defend against oxidative stress)

While this aromatic essential oil can be instrumental in pain relief, decreased anxiety, positive cognitive function, and infection fighting it is commonly associated with rejuvenation and balance.  Sweet Orange is widely known for its uplifting and calming scent. The first therapeutic value of this fruit was recognized in Ancient China primarily to stimulate the digestion and relieve muscle spasms. Probably the most well known benefit of this pleasant smelling oil today, and certainly not the least, is for the heightened immune boosting qualities. From an energetic perspective and the reason I always have sweet orange essential oil is its ability to unblock and circulate stagnant energy. Sweet orange oil helps one take a more relaxed approach to things and instills a more positive attitude in general while assisting the immune system to ward off negative pathogens. And if that isn’t enough, the orange is a traditional Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity.

My personal encounter with sweet orange essential oil came about to reduce test anxiety.  Somehow a drop or two of this aromatic oil (used with carrier oil) dabbed on my temples allowed calmness to surround me like a blanket during hours of exams.  Of course, it didn’t give me the answers to those test questions but it assisted in mind clarity and optimism to do my best. Certainly, my friends, sweet orange essential oil is one positive way to aid in maintaining an overall sense of well being.

The Essential Oil Massage Special for February

The perfect addition to your regularly scheduled 60 or 90 minute massage! Your service will be completely infused with Sweet Orange goodness. This oil will be diffused in the massage room as well as incorporated in the massage itself. While the effect of the aromatic oil will bring calm and relaxation to you simply by the scent alone, this massage also includes an additional foot massage with the use of stones and hot towels. Ending in a scalp massage bringing you to an overall balance.  You will certainly leave refreshed! Also, you will receive your very own bottle of Sweet Orange essential oil to incorporate into your day to day life!

Add this to your regularly scheduled 60 or 90 minute massage for only $20!

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