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Why Purple Lotus for Teacher Training

When I think about my advanced teacher training it was a little different for me than most people that go because I went into with the idea that I would be opening a yoga studio and to help me service my current clients. I have been on (and off) the mat since about 2000 and thought I knew what I needed to know about yoga. This advanced training proved I was no where close. 

As Westerns, we think of yoga in the physical sense, as exercise, but it is so much more and after my studies at teacher training I almost felt cheated for all the years of being so uneducated to the true power of yoga. Besides the physical benefits, yoga has lasting physiological and neurological effects, helps with breathing, is treatment for numerous diseases, health and mental conditions and so much more. 

I chose Purple Lotus Yoga for my training, as well as to bring to Pure Synergy, for very specific reasons.

  • Non-Traditional - I was looking for something a bit less traditional, but that still respected the cultural of yoga - I mix up all my sanskrit, I don't chant, I am Christian and if you've taken my classes I DON'T have a sweet yoga voice. I'm from Texas y'all!
  • No Studio Affiliation - I didn't want someone to expect me to teach at their studio and I certainly didn't want to only learn about the classes they teach.
  • Real - I wanted to really learn and be around a group of people with the same mind set. This wasn't about impressing anyone or who's yoga pants were more expensive. Real People. Real Training. 

Yoga Advanced Studies and Teacher Training is so much more than teaching. It opens your heart and mind to more than you will ever think you are capable of. 

Robyn ArbogastComment