Class Spotlight: Power Yoga

Have you thought about taking Power Yoga? If yes, then it's time to take the next step and join us on the mat! This class is lead by Rachel every Wednesday night at 6:30, perfect for getting in that "me time" at the end of the day. Rachel is a great instructor because of her ability to break down each pose in a way that keeps you engaged through the flow.

This spotlight is designed for you to get to know Rachel and her Power Yoga Class! 

How long have you been practicing yoga? 

Six or so years. I took a little more than a year off at one point but otherwise it’s been pretty consistent. It’s a “practice”. It’s never something you master or even achieve or attain. It fluctuates daily,  because the body and mind and emotions fluctuate daily. 

What is Power Yoga? 

Power yoga is a general term that really just describes an approach to yoga that focuses on strength building poses rather than passive forms of yoga intended for deep stretching. Power yoga’s roots are in Ashtanga yoga which is where Vinyasa yoga came from, which is also sometimes called, “power yoga”. Baptiste yoga is also anther branch from this yoga lineage. If you’re wondering what Power Yoga looks like, search YouTube with  any of the above names. You should be able to get a good idea of what it looks like. It’s not inherently advanced. Advanced poses will only appear in classes that describe themselves as “advanced”.  Also, always in keep in mind that while the teacher might cue a more difficult pose, like an arm balance or inversion, you don’t have to do it or even try. Just observe and perhaps create a goal for the future. 

Is this class good for a beginner?

Yes. It’s simple in terms of poses but challenging as a physical activity. You’ll burn calories and build strength and flexibility and relax... all in one class. It’s perfect for everyone!! 

Why do you enjoy teaching this class? 

I love helping empower people by guiding them into places they didn’t think they could go. It builds so much confidence and pride and I love being part of that.  Also, I love helping people in their journey to fitness. 

What poses should I expect in this class?

You can count Sun Salutations A, B and Classical as well as any other pose typically found in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Do some homework on YouTube to help relieve any fear or anxiety about coming to class. I know I feel better after familiarizing myself before doing something new. 

Do you have any tips for someone that's nervous to take a power yoga class? 

Do a little research so you know what to expect to some degree. You’ll feel better. Don’t be intimidated. You never have to do anything. You can skip as many poses as you want and rest or observe and learn. You won’t get called out or pointed out for stopping and observing. Take it easy on yourself and take breaks. It takes time. But we always move slow at the beginning and end. The whole hour isn’t “power”. 

What is your personal favorite pose and why?

Oh gosh. I don’t have one favorite. I’m always working on all of the ones I can “do” to some degree. If I had to pick, I love Sirsasana (supported head stand). 

Still not sure if you're ready to take this class? We do have Private Training options! Find comfort and confidence on the mat by working one on one with Rachel or any of our Yoga Instructors.