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Essential Oil Spotlight: Lavender


Close your eyes. What smells come to mind when you think of spring? I think of rain and delicate flowers, lavender specifically. While Lavender might make you think of relaxing bubble baths there is so much to this little miracle plant.

Lavender, or Lavandula, while loved for its beautiful little purple flowers, is actually part of the mint family. It grows natively in the Mediterranean and is cultivate in temperate regions throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and India, and the oil is extracted using steam distillition. Lavender has been used both therapeutically and cosmetically for centuries. Egyptians used it for perfume & mummification!

Lavender is a do-it-all kind of oil of all essential oils. It calms anxiety, eases depression, relaxes muscles & improves sleep. It is also great for skin as a treatment for acne and eczema, heals scrapes and burns, and treats bug bites (is a bug repellent too). Lavender also covers all the anti-s: anti-inflammatory (calms), antiseptic (cleanses), antibacterial with properties of anti-microbial (protects), anti-fungal (prevents), lavender also protects against diabetes symptoms, improves brain function and relieves headaches.

If you could only buy one oil ever, lavender should be it.

The perfect addition to your regularly scheduled 60 or 90 minute massage! This oil will be diffused in the massage room as well as incorporated in the massage itself. The aromatic oil will allow you to breathe deeper and relax easier. This massage also includes an additional foot massage with the use of stones and hot towels. Ending in a scalp massage bringing you to an overall balance. You will leave feeling calm and refreshed. You will also receive your own bottle of Lavender essential oil to take home and start incorporating into your daily life!

Add this to your regularly scheduled 60 or 90 minute massage for only $20!

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