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Power Yoga Classes and Beginners

As a new yoga practitioner, one might ask themselves, “Where do I start? or “Which is the best class for me?” Lucky for you, there are now tons of different styles of yoga to choose from. This can include a restorative yoga class set in a candle-lit room to a sweaty vinyasa class in a heated room. Yoga truly appeals to the masses.

So why should a beginner choose Power Yoga? By definition, Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice that increases stamina, strength, flexibility, and synchronizes movement with the breath. As a beginner, this type of practice can lead them towards a transformative path because of its specific sequencing that opens up the body and calms the mind. It is important to take note that, Power Yoga can be challenging to a beginner due to the faster pace of the class and the poses that are offered.

Before entering a Power Yoga class, it is beneficial for a beginner to understand and practice the basic poses such as, Child’s Pose, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Plank, Upward-Facing Dog, and Downward Facing Dog. These poses set the foundation of a physical yoga practice and should be learned with good alignment and safety.

It is especially important for a beginner to take their time with poses and transitions throughout a Power Yoga class.

By taking your time and bringing awareness to each movement, you will feel the benefits of the practice and injuries will be less likely to occur. I always tell my students, “This is your practice, I am just a guide.” This means that you can take your practice to where you want. Through modifications, yoga props, and giving yourself a break to rest, or taking on challenges, it is ultimately your decision to personalize your practice based on your skill level.

From my personal experience, I began my practice in Power Yoga and it has definitely changed my life in a great way! I can say now that I have a greater sense of body awareness, focus, and I truly feel that the practice has ignited my spirit. No, I was not able to control my breath or do all the poses to their fullest variation when I first started out, but it is important to have patience with your practice and to enjoy the journey. You might even surprise yourself when all of the sudden you begin to practice with more ease or when you finally nail a pose you’ve been working on. As a wise yogi stated, “Practice, and all is coming!”

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