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Crying in Yoga

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One of the reasons I practice yoga is to help control my emotions. I can go 0 to 60 in any emotional direction quicker than I can finish this sentence. It's easy for me to lose control even on the mat. As it turns out, I'm not alone. It is extremely common for people to cry during yoga. 

I actually avoided going to class for a few months because I was embarrassed. I felt like I couldn't be that vulnerable in front of our clients. But then I kept hearing people say "oh yeah, me too!" and I knew that I that I needed (and really wanted) to take more yoga classes.

So, on Wednesday, despite not feeling emotionally awesome, I took a class.

I cried all the way through the class.

Not just a little teary eyed in a difficult twist, but a full on sob. While I wasn't sure which would be more disrupting; leaving or struggling to breathe through snot. I stayed. I finished the class. I caught my breath in a few extra child poses and I whimpered my way through to the end of savasana. I'm so glad that I did. 

So, why do we get choked up in child's pose?

One of the great perks of my job is that I'm surrounded by amazing women that each not only practice yoga themselves but are certified yoga instructors full of knowledge and training to share! I asked Laura (one of our instructors) about this and she said that the triggers depend on the person. It can be an automatic nervous system reaction, or it could be that with a clear mind you're allowing yourself to process something that you've avoided. Did you know that our emotions are literally stored inside of our bodies? So imagine, you have all of these feelings locked inside of you, and then you spend an hour twisting, stretching and releasing... What's going to happen? We are going to get emotional! We are going to feel our feelings and it is 100% natural and completely okay. 

I've been told that it is a gift to be able to release emotion. I'm still working on believing that, but I do believe that yoga can be the tool to tapping into and releasing trapped emotions. And, being surrounded by caring people here at the studio has made everything easier. From our staff to our clients, I have felt nothing but love in each class I've taken. So, join us.

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