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Yoga - An Antidote to Stress

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Which would you prefer: managing your stress or getting rid of it? Of course we want to get rid of it! Like all things, this requires time, patience, and consistent effort.

According to yoga, there are three important realities 

  •   External Reality  - world of things
  •   Internal Reality - world of thoughts
  •   Transcendental Reality - something beyond things and thoughts

Let's focus on the world of thoughts - becoming aware of the internal dynamics helps in the process of controlling stress. 

Actively think about each of the following:

Eyes: Teach your eyes to see out of innocence not arrogance then you will see "what is" as is and "what is not" as is not. It is called" Chakshumati Vidya." See without judgement without conclusion. Peoples eyes are polluted by conclusions.

Ears: Teach your ears for active and conscious listening. Research shows that when people are not good listeners it leads to conflicts leading to stress. It is called "Atmaasvarae Shrotavyam"

Hands: In the domain of the heart giving is NOT losing. The takers may earn better but the givers sleep better. Be generous in loving all.

Legs: Teach your legs to walk on the path of truth and goodness. An invisible Strength and Grace will come to you to handle stress.

Lips: Teach your lips to smile. Smiling is contagious. It is an instant stress reducer.

Nose: The truth is right in front of your nose. It is called "Nasikagram" It does not mean looking at the tip of your nose with your eyes (that might give a headache), it means close your eyes and concentrate on the nose and your breath. Relaxing yoga, pranic breathing  and meditation are great tools to get rid of stress.

Lastly Treat every thought as an investment. Positive thoughts will yield Positive Energy.

Anahata with Anu

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