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Anxiety: The Party Favor That No One Asked For.

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Holidays are approaching, and the party invitations are beginning to arrive. You want to be there with your friends and family but then reality sets in as you step through the door. Anxiety: the party favor that no one asked for.

The room is full of people and you only know a handful (and of course they are across the entire room). Your heart starts to pound out of your chest boom, boom, boom and you get sweaty. The crowd seems to multiply and everyone is looking right at you, but why? Are you wearing the wrong outfit for this occasion? Is your hair messed up from the gust of wind right before you entered? Worse, is there something hanging out of your nose or stuck in your teeth? With your anxieties eating away at you, you think to yourself, “I shouldn't have let them talk me into this.”

Anxiety can be debilitating even if you are considered mild or haven't even actually been diagnosed. My suggestions:

  • Go with a friend. Entering the room with a buddy seems to lessen the punch of anxiety and stress.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption. Our usual excuse for excessive alcohol intake is its magic ability to "take away your fears" but chances are it will make you do something you wouldn't normally do or say which normally leads to increased anxiety and possibly actions you might regret.
  • Smell good with a little dab of essential oil: pick one with a calming effect like lavender or maybe a blend like Balance or Serenity that helps you breathe deep and take the edge off.
  • Eat a healthy balanced meal with a good protein before heading out (salmon is a good choice).
  • Exercise earlier that day. It will release natural endorphins and boost your self-esteem. Plus, it's a good conversation starter about the new yoga studio you are going to.

While we can’t promise an all-out cure for anxiety, walking into a situation prepared with the right tools can make a world of difference. So, get out there and enjoy the party! 

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