Pure Synergy Wellness Studio

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yoga / pilates instructors

Our classes are kept small for a specific purpose: to allow the instructors to be able to walk around, offer adjustments & modifications, and provide a more personalized experience for everyone in the room. We are a therapeutic wellness studio; we have clients of all abilities in our classes. Because of this, we require our instructors to always be aware of the students in the room. Chat with them before class, learn more about what they are looking to get out of the class, learn of any injuries they may be recovering from, etc. 

licensed massage therapists

Sports/deep tissue

any other wellness related profession, really.

Seriously, come work with us.

looking to rent a room?

We have rooms for rent! 

$30 for treatment room per hour

$50 for one day per week

$90 for two days per week

$120 for three days per week

$700 monthly room rental