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 ANNA COMPOTARO  Yoga Instructor RYT 200


Yoga Instructor RYT 200

Anna Compotaro


Anna found yoga after moving to Texas in 2010. She quickly discovered that this practice is a perfect mixture of physical and mental benefits necessary in a busy ever evolving world of a mom-entrepreneur. Not only did yoga make her body stronger than ever before, she also noticed that by concentrating on the ‘here and now’ her outlook became more positive and balanced.

Anna pursued Yoga Teacher Certification and now enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students.  During classes Anna encourages her students to listen to their own bodies and to explore the limitless possibilities yoga has to offer. ‘Building a connection with my students and making them feel comfortable, safe and empowered on and off the mat is my main goal as a yoga teacher. By encouraging my students to take every breath like it is the first, to approach every pose like new, to leave room for change, and  to come back, I like to help them grow in the very best way possible.’