We don't cater to the masses.

our focus is YOU.


our vision


Sometimes looking back it's hard to find where the beginning really began. Pure Synergy was officially formed 3 years ago, but it was in my heart many years before that. I've wanted a space for people to come to feel safe, nurtured and to learn take care of themselves for as long as I can remember. I didn't always know what that actually looked like but I knew it would one day be my reality. 

We get lost in the details of life everyday. I wanted to create a space that was clean, simple and without a lot of distractions, with quality equipment and clean, fair-trade products. Many of our walls are empty and there are few decorations. This is all by design. Take out the clutter, allow your mind and body to relax, and learn to truly heal your body from the inside out by listening to what it needs. 

Pure Synergy was created as a place for our community to come together and for the people "our tribe". This is why our class times and types change; they evolve with and for the people taking them. Our classes are alignment based and small so we can make sure everyone is safe and assist anyone that may need a little personal help. Our services are results-oriented, whether you come to relax or recover your range of motion post-op, we will help you achieve that goal. We will never ask our instructors to teach a scripted class or our therapists to do an routine service, because we do what our clients need right now. That's is the core of our existence. 


Our Groups 

Lake Cities Chamber of commerce

Lake Cities Chamber board member

Yoga alliance member
2017 – present

amta professional
2017 – Present



"I am so happy to have such a first-class wellness studio in my neighborhood. I started out getting massages and now am taking yoga classes that have helped me with strengthening and balance... All the instructors are educated, patient and sincere in wanting to see you progress in your yoga practice and overall health!"

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